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2012 Seat Toledo

This is not the first Seat Toledo, but the fourth and so far probably the most beautiful. Instead of a 'backpack' it now has a shapely rear end with a large tailgate similar to version 1. Actually, it lacks hardly anything compared with a hatchback version. On continuous loading height fully back can perhaps do without. Do we need this but then at once, it probably looks not very elegant, this huge flap need to leave open while driving.

However, the sedan probably can not quite reach one thing, namely the favorable ratio wheelbase to overall length. It would simply disturb, the rear axle would continue to move into the area of the luggage compartment. Earlier notchback sedans were longer than those with tailgate, today it is rather the reverse. Therefore perhaps, this revitalization of an old concept appears more harmonious.

Meanwhile, there are in the group already some from Audi and Skoda. Combined with the latter the Toledo is built in Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic). Maybe it's the boom in China, which promotes the invasion of limousines. Compared with the Skoda Rapid, the rear appears more elegant, but also elaborate by the divided light units. If Seat continue to use the undoubtedly existing southern European genes, actually it would have to go further upwards with this brand. 11/13

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