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2021 MG Marvel R

Even professionals who have driven many electric cars over long distances confirm that the MG Marvel R Electric is well made. So mistrust is probably unfounded, even if the car is 'only' offered at a price of 40,000 to 50,000 euros. Please note that there is a model with all-wheel drive and three engines.

The three equipments, Comfort, Luxury and Performance are probably included in the prices, because the first two apply to rear-wheel drive and only the third to all-wheel drive. But even the basic equipment is well supplied, e.g. with matrix LED light (!), circumferential LEDs at the front and rear, each with a carbon look at the bottom, softly clad inside almost everywhere.

0 - 100 km/h 7,9 (RWD), 4,9 (AWD)

The 19.4-inch touchscreen is free-floating, i.e. there is a large storage compartment underneath. If you value a lot of luggage space plus full occupancy of the rear bench seat, you should prefer rear-wheel drive, because then together with the front luggage compartment it has a volume of almost 500 liters, even if the luggage compartment floor is quite high at the rear.

If the specification of the two empty weights also includes the 90 kg for the driver plus an addition, then the car is really sensationally cheap. We are used to completely different statements. Perhaps this is also due to the aluminum frame. When specifying the 750kg trailer load, it is funny that the manufacturer also wants to make possible the towing of caravans.

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