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2017 Carlos Ghosn

The friendly hand of Daimler boss Zetsche on the shoulder of Carlos Ghosn (the 's' is not spoken) means probably no underestimation. He should not, because Ghosn is certainly for an honor as a manager in question. Enormous what this man has done, since 1996 Manager at Renault, since 2001 chairman and restorer of Nissan and since 2005 also head of Renault.

Ghosn was born in 1954 as a child of Lebanese parents in Brazil, educated at the elite university in France, speaks up to seven languages more or less well, English for a Frenchman accent-free. And since the end of 2016 he is CEO of Mitsubishi.

No, with four (incl. Dacia) companies Renault does not belong to the big ones with about 10 million vehicles per year. But, as the photo above shows, they work with Daimler. Who can claim to supply Daimler with engines and complete vehicle series?

Renault appears to be the only manufacturer to have the means to prevent Hyundai's further advancing, good quality at reasonable prices. Meanwhile they prove this on the Indian market and in Europe with Dacia. Its vehicles are getting increasingly better marks at the testers, underneath the SUVs of other manufacturers, for example by more than 10.000 euros.

Renault and racing, an endless story. Here they score with Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel from 2010 to 2013. Only now German manufacturers are thinking about the Formula E, where Renault is already represented from the beginning. Purely electric Renaults, Mitsubishis and above all Nissans are in the still affordable segment world leader. Daimler just has one model on the market.

So be careful with the embraces, otherwise it will turn around easily in the new automobile age. Only from the possible exchange of batteries by Renault one hears not much more. Renault seems to be so successful that Peugeot appears to be forced to take over Opel. By selling Renault Trucks, Renault is now involved in Volvo Trucks, but still operates under its own brand name. Latest coup, the recruitment a top sales executive Schillaci from Toyota to Nissan. 10/17

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