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2003 V10 Porsche Engine


Originally, this aspirated engine of the Carrera GT probably was designed for the racetrack, how to identify at the dressed the inlet funnels and the complex guided exhaust pipes. In addition to the titan con-rods, a total of four overhead camshafts, in the cylinder head visible dual intake ports, the single spark coils and the fuel supply perhaps the very large oil cooler (average) below is noteworthy. As a precaution against the enormous transversal acceleration at the dry sump lubrication, the engine oil will be exhausted at nine different points. Interestingly, the different ignition intervals at each two connecting rods on a crank pin, certainly manageable for 10 cylinders.

In contrast to the pure race car, the Carrera GT engine has a flexible suspension in a carbon fiber frame. By the lying rear window the design is noticeable. This include right and left the both Helmholtz resonators for more dynamic charging. Here you can see in the fourth picture the entire intake system. The exhaust system is likely to be considerably larger with pre- and main catalyst than one suitable for racing.

Even more significant is the origin of racing engine, when you look at the small, somewhat stiff double-disc ceramic clutch. Together with a dry sump lubrication and the transmision built across the rear axle results this in an unrivaled low center of gravity. To beat only when the engine had been designed as a boxer engine, but probably a little heavier.

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