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  Porsche Mission E Concept

The Panamera of modernity, at least in terms of the number of seats. With the mission E can keep up with the Turbo S at most, but only with regard to the nominal engine power. The is in the latest concept study namely 441 kW (600 HP). However, their electric motors feel differently during acceleration.

All four wheels drive with almost maximum torque from zero, in 3.5 seconds to 100 km/h. And that with a range of 500 kilometres specified by the manufacturer. And 80 percent of that are to be regenerable again in 15 minutes. This is made possible by an increase of the til now usual voltage on 800 volts case of pure electric cars. So what will cost the installation of the supercharger probably?

It's surprising how a vehicle with so much battery capacity (Lithium Ion latest technology) aboard can accelerate as quickly. After 12 seconds are supposed to be reached already 200 km/h. A low center of gravity, the additional steering of the rear wheels and certainly otherwise interesting carbon wheels speak for the chassis. The Mission E is with 1.3 m about 10 centimetres lower than a Panamera.

And to refill the tank with 100 litres, probably should take some time. With just under 20 litress per 100 km it would come to a similar range with an appropriate driving style, whereby this would mean the end for the batteries of the electric car certainly rather than after 500 kilometers. Although it is (still) specified no cW value, but the 0.30 of the Panamera it should undercut also thanks cameras instead of exterior mirrors.

However, whether the four-point lighting design is typical of the brand, about that one can argue. Anyway, this first, driven solely by electric motors Porsche offers the chance to some new beginnings in terms of design. At the front, it is just still to recognize as a Porsche. In the sidelines, the B-pillar is missing because of door openings à la Rolls-Royce.

Inside one can not get rid of the five instruments, although only virtually and in OLED technology. So you have to think of something to replace useful a substitute for displaying of engine speed, oil pressure and temperature of oil and coolant in the electric car. The interior design (Video 3 and 4) but all in all as well worth seeing as the exterior. It stands out pleasantly from previous overloads, e.g. on the steering wheel. And then there are the 242 g/km of the Panamera, which certainly undercuts the new E concept also with German power mix. But whether its purchase price from 180,000 euros is enough for a pure electric car by Porsche? 09/15

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