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1947 Porsche Cisitalia

Imagine this situation: Ferdinand Porsche is in French custody, his sister Louise Piech obviously runs the business, head engineer Rabe cares for the technology and son Ferry is home after war imprisonment since only half a year. They repair former armed forces-VWs with the obviously still available spare parts.

There is a young Italian industrialist who has seemingly made a fortune with equipment for the armed forces and built up a racing team. Together with the famous Tazio Nuvilari he looks for a competitive car. Up to now they only have the Monoposto in the pictures on top at their disposal with it`s 1100 cm ³ cubic capacity and 48 W (65 HP) with 5800 rpm.

Porsche`s rescuer, Piero Dusio by name, realizes that he can`t get much further with his present racing team, in spite of his old Maserati. Luckily, Gmünd is just 50 km away from the Italian border and there is an intermediary, Rudolf Hruska from Meran, the codesigner of the Auto Union type C and lateron creator of the Alfasud.

Due to this and presumably also to Porsche`s good name in the world of cars the company receives the developing order for a racing car with, amongst other things, 1.5 litre cubic capacity and loading. Involved in this Carlo Abarth who later becomes well known in car history.

One may ask how such a car can be developed in principle in the wooden hut of a saw mill. It is built, by the way, in Turin. 12 cylinder boxer engine with only 1.5 litre cubic capacity, compressor with five-speed and 4WD in a grid pipe frame. The cubic capacity is dictated by formula 1 for charged engines. Supposedly the front wheels can be individually (!) added for use in 4WD mode.

By the way, according to the original contract an additional sports car, a tractor and a water turbine were to be be developed. However, already with the introduction of the GP carriage these plans are invalidated. Dusios business is bad and in the meantime other Italians have entered the GP stage.

The car has never run in a European race. Dusio shipped it to Argentina and there he made a modest career, not with any Grand Prix success, but with achieving a speed record. The way the car became part of the Porsche collection is probably an other story.

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