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2023 Polestar 4

As an SUV coupé, it has a special feature that has probably never existed in a larger series. Its undivided glass roof can not only be tinted electrically for a surcharge, it also protrudes so far over the heads of those sitting in the back that they have more headroom.

At the same time, the rear window is omitted and the view to the rear is ensured by a camera on the roof. However, the conventional rear-view mirrors have remained on the left and right. The tailgate extends relatively far down.

Pictures above show a part that appears to be separated from the roof, but, as the video at the very bottom proves, the flap extends completely to the roof's plastic. The camera above it takes up little more space than an antenna.

The number 4 from Polestar differs significantly from the number 3, is 6 cm shorter, 7 cm lower, at least in the normal version has no air suspension, less battery capacity, lower charging capacity and still the slightly more powerful motors and better aerodynamics. According to the manufacturer, they are available from € 60,000, but with less capacity and 'only' a rear motor with 200 kW and 343 Nm.

So both are the same permanent-magnetic synchronous motors, but the front one has a switchable disconnect clutch. Increased efficiency results in up to 60 km more range. A heat pump is standard.

This probably doesn't apply to the Vehicle-2-Load function. In front there is a 10.2'' screen behind the steering wheel and 15.4'' in the middle. In addition to Google, Mobileye is also on board along with 12 cameras, a radar and 12 U-sensors. A screen is even possible at the back, perhaps to operate the car from there . . .

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