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2020 Polestar 2

Now we have to take on a new company in our collection again. It was thought that mergers would reduce the number of companies. But, nothing like that. Mainly the Chinese are to blame, where we are gradually realizing more and more companies, because they are also facing the European market. Is Polestar such a company?

Not quite, because Polestar is Volvo's subsidiary, now responsible for hybrid and pure electric models. However, the Chinese group Geely is the owner of Volvo and therefore of Polestar, too. A lot of development work is still done at Volvo in Gothenburg, Sweden. However, production of the Polestar 2 is currently starting in China (video below).

The Polestar 2 is the successor of the PlugIn Hybrid Polestar 1, which has been circling around as a prototype for some time and has also been made available to journalists for very limited test drives. Obviously, with the market launch, they do not want to leave anything to chance, e.g. as a competitor of the Model 3 they do not want to repeat its somewhat bumpy start.

After all, a Polestar is not a cheap car, like a Volvo has always been. However, it comes with a fairly complete equipment, two engines and as a long range car at a price just under 55,000 Euros. Here, only the government premium of 2,500 euros is not included. Apart from the usual warranty, they promise 3 years connectivity, breakdown service and workshop service.

In terms of price, the Polestar 2 can keep up with the Tesla, even surpassing it slightly with e.g. Adroid-based infotainment, matrix light, and possibly with the standard assistants. Unfortunately the car is only available in Black without extra charge. It can also score points as probably the first e-car with trailer coupling for max. 1,500 kg towing capacity.

Admittedly, we've never liked the missing display behind the steering wheel of the Model 3, so we're a bit too much on the side of the Polestar 2 when it comes to judging the interior, even if it doesn't have such a large center display. But there are also comprehensible advantages. For example, the Polestar with its large tailgate is clearly ahead of the competition.

English undertitles possible . . .

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