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EngineOne-cylinder two-stroke
Displacement49,8 cm³
TransmissionFour-speed, reverse gear
Gradability18 %
Turning circleApprox. 6 m
Wheelbase1590 mm
Shock absorber f/rhydraulically
Brakes f/rDrums
Tyres100/80 - 10
Length2490 - 2700 mm
Width1260 mm
Height1550 - 1590 mm
Loading length1260 - 1420 mm
Loading width1200 mm
Bootca. 1500 liter
Kerb weightFrom 170 kg
Top speed40 km/h
Elektrics12 V, 80 W, starter

Coming soon in great demand with electric drive?

What from a Vespa can be still developed, shows this type pickup from type Ape (Italian bee). The former front of the scooter is still recognizable. The initial cab without doors is now closed. The engine moves from its original location under the seat behind the rear axle. With the larger models is from the small two-stroke engine a four-stroke and even a diesel engine with four (!) cylinders. The maximum load capacity now amounts to 900 kg, the transport of up to six additional people is possible.

The smallest version carries the moped license plate, drives up to 40 km/h and is of course not approved for the highway. Convenient it is for small to medium-sized drivers. Who is over 1.8 m tall, runs the risk to meet by wavy pavement with his head the roof. Unbeatable for such a small vehicle are the loading capacity and maneuverability. And anyone who has not only charged a trailer, but also discharged, can only wish the vehicle shown above, because it has a hand pump, with the help the box can be tilted hydraulically. However, we do not want to talk about the crash safety of this van ...               Top of page               Index
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