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1968 Peugeot 504

The 504, though or because rather conservatively styled by Sergio Pininfarina, was found to be harmonically by many and even good-looking by some. Versed car experts appreciate this car, especially with injection engine. This applies in first instance to the sedan, combining utility and modern technique. The car featured an independent wheel suspension, four disc brakes, safety steering column, laminated glass, and adjustable headrests. These technical delicacies were accompanied by an appealing road performance and (due to a mechanical injection) moderate fuel consumption. It was rather unimportant for the time whether the cam wave would perform its duties in the cylinder block or in the cylinder head. Such high speeds of the engine - to tell the difference - were very seldom. On the contrary, OHC or DOHC engines (e.g., Alfa) were said to be rather susceptible.

Car of the Year 1969

A rare combination of a very modern suspension with comfortable tuning and corresponding indirect steering. Furthermore, a good seating position for seat-dwarfs and giants, combined with French upholstered chairs and adjustable head restraints for safety. Here must also be mentioned the good all-round and overview of the body. Another alternative was the matured diesel engine.

Remember, just Mercedes was lucky enough to offer likewise a diesel engine. Peugeot's greater diesel was stronger, yet also noisier. The pity was that the 504 rusted even faster than the /8 Mercedes. In some countries, admittedly, the 504 was rather used as a utility car, often with more basic equipment and with the 404 rear axle. Thus, this car, too, ranks at the top in Africa with the indestructible, and was built until well into the modern time (2005).

The coupé was the beauty queen of this series, convinced of it, this was also reflected in its sales price. Here again one might be reminded that, e.g. Mercedes, offered at the same time a shortened sedan with suitable roof, naming it coupe. Peugeot coupe and convertible were definitely aimed at the premium class. This aim was emphatically supported by inserting the V6 engine of the communal project with Renault and Volvo. Unfortunately, the convertible, produced by Pinifarina, could not completely live up to the standard in terms of torsion rigidity.

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