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1935 Peugeot 402

The Peugeot was built and delivered from 1935 to 1939. The effort to put a streamlined model on the wheels that is aerodynamic or better adapted to the times is clearly visible. It was a new, very unusual body shape that many manufacturers emulated in one of their models.

The Chrysler Airflow made a start a year earlier, but failed due to a lack of manufacturing quality and public interest. Despite the emphasis on low air resistance, Peugeot was able to sell 75,000 units.

From the 402 there were many different bodies, coupes and convertibles, limousines with different wheelbases. In the video below you can see such a special design, which incidentally also included the Eclipse version with a retractable roof.

The engine was installed obviously behind the front axle. The long snout with its two headlights behind the radiator grille took up a lot of space. Two 6V batteries connected in series underneath, 12 volts a special feature for the early year of construction.

The 402 was available with a short and long wheelbase, called 'Familiale'. Then there was so much leg room in the back that you could almost let yourself be chauffeured nearly lying down. If you didn't want that, two seats in the middle on the left and right could be folded up and the car became an eight-seater.

A special comfort feature were the two attachable windows at the front, which could supply the interior with fresh air. In addition, however, the motors of the windshield wipers were mounted at the top.

Several special features at the rear: one tank filler neck each on the left and right of the same tank, the spare wheel in the flap for the luggage compartment that opens slightly backwards at the top and covers for the rear wheels that are easy to remove.

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