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2019 Peugeot 3008 PlugIn-Hybrid 4

In the cheapest version, a 3008 costs only 25,400 Euros, incl. ACC. As a Hydbrid 4 it costs almost twice as much, but has the highest or second-highest equipment out of four. Possible subsidies are not included. If you take the most powerful gasoline engine and the eight-speed automatic, you still don't quite reach the performance of the gasoline engine in this PHEV, but with 10,000 Euros more you are in the same trim level.

220 kW that can be achieved together with the electrical engineering make this 3008 the most powerful Peugeot ever. In addition there is the four-wheel drive, which has not been found on this car as a crossover yet. Incredible is the torque of max. 520 Nm by three engines. 240 km/h is the maximum speed of this allegedly compact SUV. 2 tons of weight.

Brave of Peugeot. But this car does not deserve additional subsidies. It rather intensifies the criticism of the subsidy also for plug-in hybrids. Its battery can go up to 65 km in the best case scenario. electric, but charging is only possible with alternating current and takes so long that it is always useful at home. The consumption from 100 km on would be interesting. The Hybrid4 predecessor had a more useful diesel engine and only one electric motor.

In terms of equipment and workmanship, the car certainly does justice to the price segment. Only the concept of the seemingly all-rounder, fast on the road, thirsty on longer distances, successful off-road, local environmentally friendly. Certain regular trips can be made purely electrically. Who needs such a combination, is satisfied with the luggage compartment, but cannot be satisfied with the payload, for example?

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