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2012 Peugeot 208

The designers have reached one for the Peugeot 208: looking at the dashboard you have the feeling of sitting in an expensive car. In particular, the display is very driver-oriented and the touch screen rather located beside than behind the steering wheel. How this on a longer journey affects the sense of space, is another question.

The PSA group does not going well currently and the newcomer in the B segment should never ever be a success. Peugeot describes the specification as the most ambitious for a long time. One wants to have saved against the comparable 207 110 kg weight. Compared with the two and a half years older Polo are the curb weights according to norm higher, there also does not help front aluminum supports.

More favourable have become the CO2-values perhaps due to the somewhat more streamlined and in front with accurately to the respective actuator matched air inlet. A value below 0.30 in this class is not really easily to reach. And boredom will definitely not arise when looking at the body from different directions.

One still focuses on the wedge shape. The rear side windows at the two-door should remember on the corresponding 205, after all, with slimmer C-pillars. The front lights are still looking for their way to the A-pillars. But the radiator grille is no longer merely an opening, but even provided depending on the model with different styling features.

The overhangs have become somewhat shorter, earlier even rather a benefit of French compact cars. However, the wheelbase has not changed, thus suggesting, that the basic structure of the has body platform remained stable. The car has simply become shorter and smaller.

Let's not forget despite all the criticism the prices. After all, there is already the cheapest 208 for € 11.600 in Germany, at least 850 Euro more favorable than the cheapest Polo and with the same safety equipment. The basic engine for the Polo has more displacement, more torque, less performance and much more CO2-content.

But there is a trick at Peugeot. One the Polo from the torque comparable engine is available only with better equipment and for this then enormous € 1850 surcharge is due. Nevertheless below the line remains the much more favorable climate values, that the Polo probably will only reach with the next facelift/model. 03/12

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