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Packard Twin Six

'Ask the man who owns one' as Packard slogan almost become a household word, and also as worldly wisdom not bad, if not exactly female friendly. But it's the year 1920, and the company can afford such sayings.

V12 drive with only rear brake ...

Packard plays in the top league of America and will be unchallenged for some time yet of eg Lincoln (Ford) and Cadillac (GM). Typical for highly expensive car brands Packard stands for absolute quality and even for modern technology at the time. After all, this car is powered by the V12 probably the first mass-produced in the world.

By 1909, the company is so confident in itself that even the founder of General Motors William Durant can not buy it and instead Cadillac integrated into his empire. Who knows, all Cadillac would have bear otherwise the proud name of Packard, which unfortunately does not survive as a company the year 1958.

Although it is one of the earliest business start-ups in the U.S. at all. The Packards are originally from the UK and are located in Warren/Ohio since 1848. Their iron respectively electrical production the brothers James Ward and William Doud expand for the production of cars in 1899, James Ward is responsible for the technique and William Doud for the business.

Kings and maharajas have taken place in the car, of course, not immediately but as the reputation precedes the vehicles. Therefore, the saying up has its validity. The cars are considered as virtually indestructible, always more than enough tested before they come to market. But also very expensive, up to scarce $ 6,000. If you consider that a T-model is to have between $ 850 and $ 370 much later.

Conservative does not mean the lack of innovation, not in the case of Packard. To the account of the company not only goes the V12, called 'Twin Six', incidentally beared only three times. It builds itself an automatic transmission later, has the probably first standard air conditioning on board and, much later, however, the first electrically adjustable level control. Thereby it has started, like many other companies with a one-cylinder. 04/12               Top of page               Index
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