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  Opel Zafira

Opel Zafira
EngineFour-cylinder in-line
Displacement (bore*stroke)
Compression ratio
Engine controlDohc
Valves4 per cylinder
Drivetrain designFront drive, transverse
TransmissionManual five speed
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionTwist-beam axle
Wheelbase2.690 mm
Turn radius10.500 mm
Wheels195/65 R 15
Length4.320 mm
Width1.740 mm
Height1.630 mm
Tank capacity58 liter
Payload volume min/max142/1705 liter
Payload640 kg
Kerb weight1275 kg + driver
Maximum speed

The Zafira A will be famous because of its new seating concept. Read here how it operates. The large variability including an optional third row of seats coming into view of the consumer and Opel knows how to score points. The Zafira does not disappoint its design engineers. One reason is that you can not necessarily remarks its capacity from the outside. It looks more like a normal passenger car. Also suggests its compactness. In the city it is still fairly easy to handle.

Interior equipment
Comfort (+ 2.000 DM)
Elegance (+ 5.000 DM)

+ Sport equipment

As the Zafira was brought to market, it has only two real competitors, the Renault Megane Scenic and the Fiat Multipla, whereby the latter disqualifies itself by its form getting used to. In contrast, the Zafira is a marvel of symmetry. It impresses clearly by the interior. The years after its appearance will prove that as the first Renault and Opel as the second manufacturer had the nose forward with the right product at the right time.

Galvanised body: 12 year warranty (rust perforation)

Of course, the Zafira is not a completely new car. One uses the technology of the Astra under the sheet metal concerning both the drive as well as undercarriage and suspension. However, the wheelbase has increased by 10 centimeters. Due to the higher roof, the new interior concept is possible. More seat height means the rows of seats can move closer together. Only then the third row of seats will possible. A pleasant side effect of the additionally gained height, the driver has more overview on the traffic.

Pity the thick encircling plastic bead is lost again on later models.

In summary one can give a good testimony, the Zafira. A fine finish inside, enough stowage space and for about DM 500 alternatively sunroof or air conditioning ideal complement the seating concept. But since it weighs just 100 kg more than the sedan, it also meets a little the rather sporty ambitions, e.g. with the larger engine with shift induction pipes.

1,8 Petrol engine (+ 1.830 DM)
2,0 Diesel engine (+ 1.220 DM)

Really good to fit seems the new direct-injection diesel especially when lowering the naturally somewhat higher consumption in family vans. Seen from the breakdown statistics, the Zafira has to offer extremely good results in the newer versions after unfavorable start. Especially the first diesel engines had inter alia a too high oil consumption.

From the perspective of later years, the production history of the Zafira runs really tragic. It will built in Bochum, where one was already under a fairly observation with the construction of the Astra. New production techniques finding their way and from the beginning, the Zafira is a hit. Thereby Bochum will only happy at the beginning. As part of the reduction of capacities will be closed just Bochum in 2015 without to have completed the production of the second Zafira. 08/12

Model development
2002Natural gas version
2003Model refinement
2005New model
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