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1967 Opel Rekord C

The engines had already been thoroughly renovated in the previous model, now it was the turn of the body. Of course, the design was once again specified by the American mother, but that wasn't a flaw at the time. No, the Rekord C became a hit.

The public accepted its shape and this became arguably the shape most identified with an Opel Rekord. It was already smooth on the surface before. Now it received a vehemence that was reflected as a gain in importance for the vehicle occupants. Sales expectations were clearly exceeded with 1.25 million units.

It became clear that they wanted to get away from the 'pair of braces image'. In advertising, the rather large car was chased over all sorts of rough terrain to demonstrate its all-round capabilities. The rigid rear axle was beefed up with coil springs and five links. Attention was drawn to the engines with overhead camshafts.

Deutsch and Karmann even delivered the Rekord as a convertible.

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