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2016 Opel Mokka X

It sells very well. It is spoken of Opel's rescuer, although in Rüsselsheim they might prefer a car from domestic production. It has a new radiator grille, more expensive LED lights also in the front and a largely from buttons freed interior. But do you think, the buttons of the touch screen are better?

However, all this works very well with the design. The interior furnishings also dispense with unnecessary gimmicks. Also praised is the seat comfort at the rear. For that you have to be modest in the luggage you want to take with you. And a payload of 320 kg is also quite scarce for this vehicle category.

There are oddities, but perhaps the flows of the buyers are like that. Why is there a manual gearbox with all-wheel drive (Mokka 4X4) only to combine with the most powerful gasoline or diesel and otherwise only with automatic?

Otherwise, the motor pallet is grown, e.g. a smaller diesel engine and a direct-injection petrol engine are available. However, the order of the petrol engine is only possible with automatic and all-wheel drive and and its price runs away from the of the base gasoline car by 7,700 euros. A pity for people, who want to combine a powerful engine with some saving options and avoid a diesel engine in this way.

Still relatively new and technically interesting is the driven twist beam rear axle. Other manufacturers use a different axle in case of the '4-wheel' option. Also visible is the lamellar clutch, which connects the rear drive only when it is needed, and in a very short time. 10/16