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2017 Opel Grandland X

Hopefully, this is not the tip of an iceberg when, according to board boss Karl-Thomas Neumann, Tina Müller ('Umparken im Kopf') has also terminated her job. However, the possible cooperation must have been in the room for a long time, otherwise it would not be possible to present the second PSA model in the Opel design and also stand with the dealers now.

The goal is clear. The smaller Crossland X replaces the Mokka X still based on GM technology and the Grandland X is then a good 20 centimeters above, sister model of Peugeot 3008 and DS7 Crossback. But this inflation of the X-letters can not hide the fact that all but the Mokka X are 'only' front-wheelers.

This must not be a disadvantage. From the price, Opel competes clearly with the Peugeot. The DS plays in a higher league from design and price. The Opel is the solidly processed basic model without the combination of small steering wheel and instruments above. Also the Grandland is obviously more comfortably sprung.

In the meantime, many Opel have lost its baby fat, the Grandland was not even started with it. This makes it attractive for the two engines, which are sufficiently powerful. Typical is the clever savings where you do not directly perceive it, as well as hard plastic in the interior. A more typical example are the rear lights, where, unlike the front, the turning signal is not integrated into the double beam. What is the combination with conventional light bulbs like?10/17

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