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2016 Opel Ampera-E

The 400 kilometers are really realistic if the 60 kWh relate to the really usable energy of the battery. After the first presentation of the car there was talk of even 500 km. The design is clearly directed a segment lower than the first Ampera.

So it is a compact car that in only about 4.2 meters exterior length accommodates such a large battery. In addition, the floor is not excessively high, because the engineers have used obviously the space under the hood and the seats.

The development of the originally from the Chevrolet Bolt EV coming technology was evidently accelerated by the announcement of the Tesla Model 3. The battery pack is manufactured in Korea, weighs well over 400 kg, and increases the curb weight of the compact sedan by at least 250 - 300 kg.

The with 360 Nm very strong engine can score against combustion cars only in the lowest speed range. It is advantageous in view to the immediate competition by much greater range, which is obviously not failed at an inflated price, thanks again to the Tesla Model 3. 09/16