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  Opel Adam

At last it is there, the little direct-petrol-injection engine. We've been waiting for this for a long time. Perhaps the long wait is an advantage. Whoever comes out later, will perhaps, avoid the mistakes made by others. Particularly the three-cylinder has gone through an enormous development stage. Not all that long ago it was just about accepted for small cars. Today however, it's being considered as a partner for one of the BMW 5-series. If that's not a feather in its cap, then nothing is.

Apart from the 1.6 litre, it is the smallest one and obviously, it is also not fitted out using the same yardstick. For a long time, 1 litre of capacity, was considered ideal for a three-cylinder engine. One would pay attention to the smooth running, despite, or perhaps even because of the probably indispensable balance shafts. It is simply impossible, to completely compensate for the momentum of the crank-drive by using weights on the crankshaft. Maybe it would be possible, if e.g., the engine were to be used as a Range Extender having only one constant RPM.

The overtaking of the current four-cylinder is not intended. What it's all about, is the isolation of vibrations, e.g., between the injection system and the engine itself. Or indeed, on the upper side of the engine against the surroundings and the interior. Don't pay too much attention to the performance, if the smaller engine has roughly the same torque, it should give the same efficiency in everyday use, after all, 166 Nm, particularly at only 1800 RPM, is quite something. It will be interesting to see how nimble it is when the charger kicks in.

Adam - Basic equipmentfrom 11.500 €
Adam - Jamfrom 13.400 €
Adam - GLAMfrom 14.090 €
Adam - SLAMfrom 14.290 €
Adam - White/Black Linkfrom 16.090 €

Together with the Rocks-version, we've also listed the various other Adam possibilities. Apart from the ever-changing colour-schemes, the new one also has a sliding sun-roof and of course, only this one has the, recently modern, increased ground clearance as an extra. Once again, the expression 'Crossover' appears, which means that one has turned back again, after going almost half way to building an SUV, and this is a good thing. In the case of the Adam, one must show a bit more tolerance and if the sales are promoted by a few good ideas added to the technology, well then … After all, one is in competition with, e.g., the Mini, indeed, because of the significantly lower price-tag, one probably also has a more slender advertising budget. 02/14