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  Nissan Navara

Displacement (bore*stroke)
Compression ratio
ChargingVTG-Turbo, intercooling
Engine control
Mixture preparationDirect injection, swirl control
ConstructionFront engine, transversal, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive switchable
Suspension frontDual wishbone
Suspension rearRigid axle, leaf springs
SteeringToothed rack, servo, speed dependent
Brakes f/rDisks with interior ventilation/drums, ABS, brake pressure reducer, EBD, Brake Assist
Wheels255/65 R 17 (7") up to 255/60 R 18 (7")
Wheel base3.200 mm
Turning circle13.800 mm
Length5.222-5.296 mm
Width1.848 mm
Height1.789 mm
cW-vlaue (cross-section)0,41-0,43 (2,75-2,79 m)
Tank capacity80 litres
Load volume min/max472/1.478 litres
Kerb weight
Top speed
Year of manufactureFrom 2014
Purchase price
*Single cabin

Why are the Americans mentioned here first of all? Because they love to have one solution for all the problems. After all, this is the land of the pick-up trucks. The car is no longer on offer in relatively crowded Japan, although, in the USA, they probably hardly even take any notice of it. There's plenty of space for five and for any sort of luggage, regardless of what sort of cargo one wishes to transport.

Actually, buying an all-purpose car is quite clever, if only it wasn't a good bit over five meters long. At least it's not particularly wide, indeed, it's height and the poor cW-value (drag coefficient), offer enough grounds for having reservations. If the manufacturer himself says that it has a fuel consumption of more than 10 litres/100 km, and that with the smallest engine, well then ...

Who would have thought, that really good off-road characteristics would also be included. The only real optional extra in this region is actually the total-lock instead of the limited-slip differential on the rear axle. Refined choices like this are not generally found in the average SUV. In addition, the features found like off-road support are simply amazing.

Despite the enormous wheelbase, it would probably have been perfect, if there weren't these running boards. In the simplest version they can be left out, both in the single- and the double cabin version, indeed then oddly enough, the air-conditioner also disappears. Whose idea was this? Thereby, the Nissan Navara is really closer to being a truck than a car, and which truck has running boards?

Nobility and this vehicle don't really fit together, although the manufacturer tries very hard to achieve just that. The biggest engine can only be had together with a multitude of optional extras. Thereby, and without the extras, the price easily doubles compared with the basic version and simultaneously, also exceeds the € 50,000 euro mark. Unfortunately, the finishing is not good enough to warrant this type of price tag. 06/15