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It's already the second car from Nio that has outgrown the prototype stage and was unveiled as a seven-seater at the 2017 Shanghai auto show. It is not referred to as an 'SUV' but as a 'crossover', although all wheels are driven. The two front and rear electric motors together deliver 474 kW (644 hp) and 843 Nm of torque.

Nio was founded in 2014 under a different name.

Thanks to these performance figures, it has already achieved records at the Nürburgring in its vehicle genre. Whether it really, as initially announced, will cost only half of an X-model from Tesla, is questionable in view of such data, especially because it also comes with 70 kWh battery and be lighter thanks to its full-aluminum body and thus may consume less than the model X.

350 km range according to European test methods are forecasted, which would mean 15 kWh/100km. Somewhat perhaps, but significantly more than some other much more optimistic forecasts. An additional ace has Nio still up the sleeve, namely the possible replacement of the battery, nearly as fast as a fuel stop. With obviously 'endless' capital they want to provide China with the necessary stations, at least 1100 by 2020.

You can see how quickly such a change is completed, but also the complex and hopefully not too fragile technique of such a system. Are they prepared for rush hours in this compactness? They may have also thought about it and so offer a charging station for another 100 km in allegedly 10 minutes.

The Chinese price for the Nio ES8 is $ 68,000, a bargain compared to the $ 126,000 for the Model X ($ 80,000 in the US). Of course, with a constant battery change, renting makes a lot of sense. $ 15,000 is credited, now payable as a pretty cheap $ 120 a month, profiting from the latest state of technology. In 2018, the ES8 is to be offered in China. 03/18

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