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Morini 350 S2/K2
EngineV four-stroke two-cylinder (72°)
Displacement (bore * stroke)344 cm³ (62,0 mm * 57,0 mm)
Engine controlohv
Mixture preparation2 carburetor
Fuel typeRegular gasoline
CoolingAir flow
Performance20/31 kW (27/42 HP) at 7500 rpm
Drive trainEngine, transversal, chain drive
Suspension f/rTelescopic fork/shock absorbers
BrakesDrums/Discs, front double
Kerb weight170/160 kg
Maximum speedApprox. 130/160 km/h
Year of manufacture1975/1988

Decades successfully in motor racing ...

All who dare the access in the still new automotive technology early in the century, come from other professions. Alfonso Morini, for example, is a trained farrier. Who shod horses, is well versed with ferrous materials and also looks after wheels. From this will a production plant for smaller motorcycles, first of all two-stroke engines together with Messrs. Mattei, Massi and Mazetti in 1924. Morini also be racing and grabs the class victory at the GP of Monza 1927. Follow records over long distances, and because the engines will larger, even four-stroke engines. From side-controlled engines will top-controlled already in the thirties. Particularly praised for their speed, the 350s.

The company Moto Morini founded in Bologna in 1937 blooms again with a 125cc, presumably partly taken over by DKW after the Second World War. After all, nearly 80 km/h are possible in good conditions. Of course, faster and especially racing versions not be long in coming. As reward beckons the winning the national championship in 1980. The racing successes remain, also as Morini adds a four-stroke engine of the same displacement, soon with a little more displacement and an overhead camshaft.

Production motorcycles
1946125er Turismo tow-stroke
1953175er Turismo Settebello four-stroke
1954Gran Turismo
1956100s Sbarazzino
1970Dollaro 50
19713 fi (3 1/2)
1983K 2
20049 fi (9 1/2)
2004Corsaro 1200
2008Granpasso 1200
2012Rebello 1200

The race wins remain true to the company, also as the 175cc will be further developed to a racing machine. It also remains at the production motorcycles in this displacement area and there is some degree of success. Larger than 250cc are not produced until about 1970. One brings the racing successes abound in this category. Also the market proves to be for the larger machines as not very profitable. With Alfonso Morini's death there's a break, but the was well been overcome by his daughter.

In the pictures, you may recognize two descendants of the developed series approximately from 1970. It is the rare transverse-V2, which can be seen here with OHV, somewhat unusual for motorcycles. 350 cm³ are initially announced later is still added one with 500 cm³. By the way, the camshaft will driven by a short toothed belt drive (!).

Problems with the cooling of the rear cylinder is counteracted by extending the cooling ribs each to the side where the cylinder in any case protrudes by more than the width of the connecting rod (50 mm). Both cylinders may be designed nevertheless equal and built-in twisted by 180°.

Relatively unknown in Germany ...

In the 70s, Morini developed the somewhat unusual Heron combustion chamber for motorcycles. This is a relatively shallow recess in the piston opposite a perfectly straight cylinder head with parallel, using push rods operated valves. One seeks so to lower production costs and pinch-off edges for better turbulence of the mixture. The crankshafts work in rolling bearings until 1977.

Moto Morini is part of the Caviga Group since 1987, but has retained its name. Later the naming rights are sold to his nephew Franco Morini, who revives the brand 2004. There is a new plant and a new big motorcycle (see videos). 12/13

Racing successes
1927GP Monza
1948Italian Championship (125cc)
1949Italian Championship (125cc)
1952GP Monza
1952GP Spanien
1953Italian Championship (125cc)
1954Italian Championship (175cc)
1955Giro d' Italia
1956Giro d' Italia
1961Italian Championship (250cc)
1962Italian Championship (250cc)
19632nd place in World Championship
1963Italian Championship (250cc)
1964Italian Championship (250cc)
1967Italian Championship (250cc)

Morini 500 S
EngineV four-stroke two-cylinder
Displacement (bore * stroke)479 cm³ 69,0 mm * 64,0 mm)
Compression ratio11,2 : 1
Engine controlohv
Mixture preparation2 carburetor
Fuel typeRegular gasoline
CoolingAir flow
Torque43 Nm at 5100 rpm
Performance32 kW (43 HP) at 7500 rpm
Drive trainEngine, transversal, chain drive
Suspension f/rTelescopic fork/shock absorbers
Brakes f/rDiscs, front double
Wheels f/r90/90 S 18/3.50 H 18
Wheelbase1.443 mm
Length2.100 mm
Width710 mm
Height1.080 mm
Tank capacity14 liters
Payload169 kg
Kerb weight186 kg
Maximum speedApprox. 155 km/h
Year of manufacture1980
Purchase price6728 DM
Electric system12 V/ 12 Ah/ 200 W

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