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Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...

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2015 Clubman
2014 Five-door
2014 Mini
2014 Countryman
1959 Mini

Mini 2014

Mixture preparationDirect injection
Drive trainFront drive, transversal
TransmissionSix-speed, manual and automatic (option)
Suspension frontMcPherson
Suspension rearMultilink
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated
Wheelbase2.494 mm
Turning circle11.270 mm
Wheels245/45 R 17
Length3.821 mm
Width1.727 mm
Height1.414 mm
Drag coefficient0,28
Tank capacity40/44 liter
Loading volume min.211 liter
Kerb weight
Year of manufactureFrom 2014
Maximum speed
Purchase price

Fast it is, the Cooper S version of the new Mini. Also amazing the drag coefficient, even though one feels indeed bound to the slightly cubic form. Of course, one has also to thank the new engines. It almost seems as if in all bore and stroke would be the same, only the Cooper S has one cylinder more. Amazing that engines can be brought into such a rationalized manufacturing. And then the performances that come out of there. However, the biggest engine has at least two liters of displacement. Thereof the old Cooper could only dream of. And then still the turbocharger. Is this then yet a Mini?

The astonishes, the mini scores points with inner values at once. And yet, the drive was really not the main reason for buying a Mini. The layout has rather made it also, and not at least the women favorite. Even today, it is very important. Take a look at only the new headlamps (Fig. 5). Or the lower center console (Fig. 13). In the interior, the designers can play outside their hands are tied.

Drives even for the new BMW 1 Series?

No, the comparisons with the original Mini must be stopped. Because the car is growing and will not be lighter. Go-kart feeling once was. Nevertheless, it develops skills in the direction, eg with the lighter chassis including the adaptive damper control optionally available. If the share of the Mini at BMW slowly climbs from 15 to 20 percent and the future 1 Series will probably use its technology, development here is worth specially for BMW. 11/13

Figure 23 and 24 allow a comparison with the predecessor.