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1968 Mercedes / 8

1968 ('/8'), that's a time of change. The old wing rear is obsolete. Simplicity instead of Americanism. Almost all dimensions are reduced, but not the wheelbase, which will larger. Actually the suspension, it is next to the design the biggest hit of the new Mercedes. BMW (700 and 1500) it has since many years already and now it benefits finally. Although it is not called semi-trailing arm rear axle, but it is one. Never more positive precipitation during rebound. In addition, two more wishbones (because of the anti-dive system) against each other twisted at the front axle and you have a really secure suspension.

There are people who regard this simple Mercedes to be one of the nicest that has ever been built - but only related to the limousines. What one does not see is the revised passive safety. During its model career, it will be equipped even with safety belts. But also its crash behavior is convincing. A (prejudice) judgment however the /8 until today will not get rid of, namely that it also had in relation to rust a certain leadership. That it was nonetheless a durable car, demonstrates an exemplar with 4.6 million kilometers on the speedometer in the Museum in Stuttgart.

The testers at that time the car was almost too simple. They have their sights on the six-cylinders. Their only moderately improved acceleration is e.g. attributed also the more effective constant pressure carburetors of the four cylinders. Also the consumption is criticized in view of the smaller body. Thereby the car feels amazingly handy for the class despite the slightly larger front load.

The rest is quickly told. The smaller four-cylinder remained in principle the same, the smaller six cylinders also. With the larger six-cylinders something happens probably mainly due to the S-class. During its model development there are even DOHC engines, allowing speeds of more than 200 km/h, however, but with one then usual significantly increase in consumption. Despite these highlights and because of the affordable fuel consumption the diesel is absolutely the best-selling. Also here is operated a lot of model development, e.g. with a relatively novel five-cylinder, the then most powerful passenger car diesel.

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