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F7 F9 

1959 Mercedes L 322

For once, do not take today's tilting cabs as a starting point. Please do not put them up either, but put them over the engine, so that it is exactly in the middle between driver and passenger. You have to admit that an in-line six-cylinder engine installed under a short bonnet, which only penetrates the footwell minimally, is always better.

Slightly less noise, more space for two passengers and easy access from outside. There is still little information available on accident safety. This is why drivers feel safer behind the bonnet. The front handlebars are also met with scepticism from a driving point of view, because with the short-nose bonnet you simply see better where you are directing the truck. On the other hand, the somewhat shorter loading area obviously does not carry too much weight at this time.

The picture shows one of the first vehicles of this type, which can be recognized by the main headlights located outside the radiator grille, which are also installed relatively far down, i.e. close to the bumper. Also, the front engine compartment side walls do not lead to the fenders, but are considered to be the support for them. 04/09

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