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2022 Mercedes GLC

That was the case before, but it should be emphasized that the GLC is only available with all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission. What is new is its end-to-end electrification, either as a 48V mild or later plug-in hybrid, except for the AMG models. The range of engines is amazing, four diesel, including a six-cylinder and two four-, one six- and two eight-cylinder petrol engines. The plug-in hybrids will be combined with the second weakest diesel or the weakest petrol engine for a surcharge of around € 7,000.

The GLC has been available since 2015 as the successor to the GLK. After a slight facelift in 2018, this is now the second generation. It can already be ordered, the plug-in hybrids will follow towards the end of the year. The wide range of engines is perhaps due to the fact that the GLC is Mercedes' most successful model, although of course there's also the C-Class, with which it naturally shares the platform and almost completely the dashboard.

6.6 cm more length results in 4.6 cm from a longer wheelbase, resulting in 50 liters more luggage space at the rear. All vehicles can tow up to 2 tons, the mild slightly more than the plug-in hybrids. The capacity of the battery is courageously allocated to 100 km of purely electric driving, but the plug-ins are still not designed for recharging on the go, which probably is not expected either.

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