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2019 Mercedes EQC

The comparison with the Model X from Tesla is really noticeable. There is a little less battery capacity for probably 20,000 euros more. Certainly, it is a bit longer and its rear engine alone has more power than the two of the Mercedes together. But did not the Daimler engineers put together the smarter package?

Das Model X verbraucht mehr Strom.

It will be interesting to see how the two are offered in the USA. Anyway Tesla must fear already with the first all-electric Mercedes competition. In addition to the all-wheel drive the Mercedes engineers have even copied the towing load, unusual in an electric car. For Mercedes customers still seems a little money to be let, for example, for an AMG model (picture above).

Only the little tricks with the range should be left. You can not calculate 80 kWh for the battery, 22.2 kWh for 100 km for the average consumption and 450 km range. 80 kWh divided by 22.2 kWh gives about 350 km. And if the 80 kWh are still the gross amount of the battery, you have to deduct another 20 percent.

Isn't it crazy that about 600 guests from Daimler are transported to Stockholm to celebrate a car with 0 g/km emissions? Maybe they will find a more appropriate form introducing future EQC models. In the meantime, we celebrate Daimler's entry into the all-electric system in this country and hope for many more models, maybe even more energy-efficient with 'only' one engine. 09/18

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