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2021 Mercedes C-Class

Thanks to China, for the first time we seem to like the saloon better than the estate, pardon, the T-model. This is probably due to the new rear end, or to be more precise, its tailgate, where a virtue has been made of the need to move the glass house further back, according to the motto, if small, then at least good-looking. Of course, for the transport of bulky objects, one would prefer the T-model.

Of course, this sometimes unrestrained indulgence in shapes also has practical disadvantages. Especially as the design of the rear seems to be slowly moving away from that of the front. For the second time, they are sticking to the small revolution of the much steeper radiator grille with slightly protruding body edges that was once started with the A-Class, and with the new C-Class with the attempt to adapt the front to the rear with softer curved surfaces and a swinging line at the bottom.

Nevertheless, the question remains whether the new front matches the rear. And then there is the search for the star, which has now finally been given the courage to leave out. We continue to grumble about the length of the front, for example. Maybe six cylinders will come, although AMG also has smaller engines with enough power. It would be easier to enter the electric age if the front could be shortened a little and more interior and luggage space offered.


So they thought they had to lengthen the vehicle further, of which the wheelbase doesn't even get half. A Mercedes has never been as big on the inside as one could assume from the outside. But can a car once again be 6.5 cm longer and then have 25 litres less luggage space? After all, the knee space is said to have increased by 'up to' 3.5 cm. As a reminder, we are in the C-Class with still two model series above and already at 4.75 m in length.


The interior looks much better with the new centre display and not-so-large air vents. The problem is the operation of the touchscreen, which is why it has been moved and tilted towards the driver. The only crazy thing is the area behind it, which is reminiscent of a pinstripe suit. Is it possible that there is much more of it if you don't order the centre display? Is there no way to integrate the two displays into a dashboard that still looks slim?

Summary: The new C-Class looks better with softer lines. You don't miss the star at the front and the chrome clasp at the rear, but it has moved a little bit away from being a space miracle. The optional plug-in version with doubled battery capacity can be seen as a step towards e-mobility. However, whether this will encourage drivers of this car to regularly recharge every to regularly recharge every 100 km remains more than questionable. Mercedes comments: 'Our customers will never start the combustion engine on many routes.

It can be said that the normally very well cW-values of Mercedes, can not be found in the step from the last C-Class to this one, especially the T-model.

Perhaps one should not address Mercedes at all, but the buyers of a Mercedes that is too big, after all the smallest of three to choose from, with a possible battery that is very big, but only really good for very special applications, but in the vast majority of cases still too small. Because manufacturers sell what works best and Mercedes makes a profit.

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