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2021 Mercedes EQE

At the beginning of the year it was already suspected that Mercedes had missed the connection in electric mobility and now EQA, EQS, EQB, EQT and EQE are coming at an incredible pace. But there is a small catch, because the latter will only appear on the market in the second quarter of 2022. Somehow, even in the group, you had the impression that you absolutely had to show what you had and thus, for example, stand out a little from BMW.

We are of course now looking for differences between the EQE and the EQS. And again the old promise, because the new one should have the same size as the normal E-Class as much interior space as their long version. However, compared to the EQS, the wheelbase has shrunk by 9 cm and the length by 27 cm to just under 5 meters. The roof is more drawn in and the fenders are more worked out. But the missing large tailgate appears to be much more important.

With fully usable rear seats, the luggage compartment is a bit too small for the class and can be expanded to only 770 liters by folding down the backrests. Otherwise, the rear is not designed much differently than that of the EQS. There is also a strip of lights here, but this has been left out at the front. If you take a closer look, you will only find four indicated windings compared to five in the lights of the bigger brother.

It is not yet certain whether its excellent CW value has been achieved. It is well known that more length helps. Of course, it will also be available as all-wheel drive and with AMG performance, but at the IAA 2021 it stands with a rear engine 30 kW less power and 38 Nm less torque than the EQS. Obviously everything has been done for a certain distance. That is why there is only the smaller battery and 30 kW less maximum charging power.

Inside, the differences aren't that big. There are again three different dashboards. And if you order the 141 cm wide hyperscreen with three screens under glass, you are not allowed to look at the screen of your passenger when he or she is watching a film, for example. The car notices this and switches it off. The rear axle, which is only steered by 4.5°, is also strange, where a maximum steering angle of optionally 10° can be retrofitted in software.

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