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2017 Mazda Skyactiv-X

Mazda comes with a new technology (SPark Controlled Compression Ignition) and the suffix 'X' added to the already known 'Skyactiv'. We want to try to supplement the narrow coverage after research on the Internet.

The advantages of the gasoline engine should be combined with those of the diesel engine, both in terms of consumption, as well as the exhaust purification. However, unlike at Daimler 9 years ago 2019 is expected to be ready for production. The problem is probably the various operating areas in which such an engine must work one hundred percent reliability.

If you drive e.g. with a cold engine, then there is in principle no difference to the normal gasoline engine. The Mazda engine, however, should be compressed 16: 1, it is said 18: 1, too. But that makes at best with a warm engine something noticeable. Mazda offers a whole arsenal of influences to effectively prevent knocking.

If the operating temperature is reached and the maximum load is not particularly required, its mixture is emaciated to about half fuel proportion and compression ignition takes place. Although one or more sparks leak from the spark plug, they only have a controlling effect.

Thus, there is no flame front combing the whole mixture, but only a relatively short one little burned part of the combustion chamber whose effect together with the high temperature caused by the compression should trigger a uniform compression ignition. This process is accompanied by a whole series of sensors and actuators.

It also includes an electrically switchable compressor, but allegedly the air does not supply via the intake, but separate channels to the combustion chamber targeted. The payback is less consumption, a more consistent combustion temperature with less NOX - and less particulate emissions.10/17

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