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2020 Maserati MC 20

The two letters betray it, Maserati plans to participate in races (ital. Corse) with this car from the year 2020. Probably not for themselves, but represented by private drivers. The enormous litre capacity is highly praised, although it is easily surpassed by a Mercedes AMG A45 S, even at lower revs. This Mercedes can also keep up with the torque.

First Maserati-Supercar since more than 16 years

A V6 with a cylinder bank angle of 90° can easily be assumed that it could have been derived from a V8. Strange that even the position of the drive train and the gearbox are identical to the Ferrari V8. Only litre power and torque could be increased once again. One of the two spark plugs is integrated in a kind of prechamber.

The enormous nose is typical Maserati.

This car has not been spared on carbon. Besides all openings, the passenger compartment are also be made of this material, if you listen to the manufacturer. Whether also the floor, is beyond our knowledge. A beautiful shape has been created and, although soon to be produced in Modena (Viale Ciro Menotti), it is easily distinguishable from a Ferrari. Especially with the programme planned for the next few years, one has the feeling that Maserati has risen again.

One wonders about the courage to state this CW value, which is relatively high even for sports cars. All in all, however, the design doesn't afford a single violation of visual habits, not even the implied rear spoiler. Maybe the only bigger detail is the rear engine cover which can be seen a bit more critical.

The car is slightly higher than its competitors. That's why you still feel in good hands as being tall. Getting in the sliding doors help. But you can be curious about their practicality in the rain. Inside there is really hardly any more actuation hardware than necessary. Many things are cleverly combined. However, as is so often the case with sports cars, the 10-inch centre display with its representations is somewhat small.

Another MC 20 as Spyder is planned. The floor should also be shaped in a way that it can hold batteries. There shall be no Maserati without the possibility of electrification. One can be curious.

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