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MG - History (Part 2)

MGA 1600 MK II
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1622 cm│
Bore * stroke76,2/89 mm
Power63 kW (86 HP)
Rated speed5500 rpm
Type of engineFront engine with rear drive
Suspension frontWishbone, coil springs
Suspension rearRigid axle, leaf springs
Top speedApprox. 160 km/h
Construction period1961 - 1962

After the Second World War MG sells admirably, especially abroad. The american soldiers have come to appreciate him in Great Britain and wished to have him also in their native country. One could almost say, the more simple, the more popular that car is. Of course he first is still in pre-war design.

Already with the TD Midget a certain modernity in construction shows in 1949. The rigid front axle disappears and there is an independent frontwheel suspension. Matching it are the new steel wheels which are fastened to the hubs by several screws and no longer by a central fastener.

With the TF Midget the former stand-alone headlights move into the fenders. Nevertheless, the nice old spoke wheel rims re-appear and the engine is a considerably stronger 1500 cm │ one. His identifying feature is the radiator grill which has been altered for the first time in 25 years. Besides the roadsters saloons are produced like before.

1958 brings a really new car body (picture on top) which not only has a pontoon shape for the first time but is completely made of steel, and so is the hardtop. The engine has 1600 cm │ and, with the modern car body, performs approx. 160 km/h. The front axle is equipped with disk brakes. The Twin- Cam version even has disc brakes in all four wheels which might make him the first mass production road vehicle with this brake system.

Next in line is the MGB with a production figure of more than half a million in 18 years. The italian car body designer Farina is said to have been involved in its styling. The total cubic capacity further rises to 1800 cm │ and makes successful racing applications possible. Later there even is a version with a V8- engine.               Top of page               Index
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