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MAN - History (table)

1840Augsburg: Initiated by textile industry Ludwig Sander and Gaspard Dollfus established machinery factory
1841Nürnberg: By railway development foundation iron foundry and machine factory Klett & Comp.
1844Augsburg: They lease it to Carl Buz and Carl August Reichenbach
1844Nürnberg: Main supplier of royal 'Wagenbauanstalt'
1847Nürnberg: Klett dies, son in law takes over company
1848Nürnberg: Entry of the engineer Ludwig Werner
1849Nürnberg: Own wagon building
1852Nürnberg: Entry into the high steel construction, corn hall at Viktualienmarkt, several other large structures in Munich
1852Nürnberg: First iron railway bridge in Bavaria
1855Augsburg: Buz and Reichenbach will the owner of the factory
1855Nürnberg: First export of iron construction wagons
1857Augsburg: Carl Buz' son Heinrich joined the company, joint stock company' Maschinenfabrik Augsburg 'was founded.
1864Augsburg: Heinrich Buz: sole management of the machine factory
1873Augsburg: First German rotary printing machine
1873Augsburg: Work on Linde's refrigeration machine
1876Augsburg: Patent application refrigeration machine
1882Augsburg: Machine for two-tone printing
1886Augsburg: Own Department of refrigerating machines
1893Augsburg: Patent for the diesel engine, contract between Diesel, Krupp and Maschinenfabrik Augsburg
1897Augsburg: First diesel engine runs with 26 percent efficiency
1897Nürnberg: Construction of the Müngsten bridge (formerlyKaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke), highest railway bridge in Germany
1898Vereinigte Maschinenfabrik Augsburg and Maschinenbaugesellschaft Nürnberg AG
1900Augsburg: Machine for six-colour printing
1908Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg AG
1913Augsburg: Withdrawal of Buz
1915MAN Saurer Lastwagen GmbH
1918MAN-Lastwagenwerke by withdrawal of Saurer
1919MAN garbage truck with tilting hydraulics
1925MAN KVB, first truck produced in large series
1931Termination of the contracts with Saurer
1932The strongest diesel truck in the world: MAN S1 H6
1937Models E2, Z2, D1, M1 and F4
1939War truck ML 4500S and 4500A
1945Nürnberg plant destroyed to two-thirds, start MK production
1950MK 25 with 5 tons, MK 26 with 6,5 tons payload
1954Mittenkugel process
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