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EngineV eight-cylinder
Displacement11.630 cm³
bore * stroke115 mm * 140 mm
Mixture preparationDirect injection
Performance132 kW (180 HP) at 2000 rpm
Drive trainFront engine, rear drive
Transmission6-speed, manual
Wheels13.00 - 20 eHD
Wheelbase platform truck5.000/6.000 mm
Wheelbase dumper truck4.300 mm
Wheelbase truck tractor3.800 mm
Length platform truck7.860/8.860 mm
Width2.500 mm
Height2.700 mm
Payload8.300/8.100 kg
Kerb weight (incl. driver)7.700/7.900 kg
Year of manufactureFrom 1951

The muzzle is become shorter compared with the previous F-series because a V8 is really not as long as a six-cylinder. This benefited not only the forward view, but also the fender along with recessed lights. Even the antiquated cab was replaced by a wider, more suitable for long distance service from 1953.

The new cab was by the way awarded with the silver medal at the Auto Salon in Paris in 1954. In addition to more space it offers more accident protection because all timber struts were replaced by those made of steel. The driver's seat is much better upholstered and adjustable. The instruments and controls are better aligned and there are additional triangular windows in the doors. Folding table and reading lamp did the rest to increase comfort. 05/14               Top of page               Index
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