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2020 Lexus UX 300e

Toyota has often surprised us so far. Less so with Lexus, where Toyota has adopted tried and tested technologies in a variety of ways, such as hybrid drives. But since the core brand is also so committed to fuel cell and hydrogen technology, the first purely electric car from Lexus would certainly have been expected something else.

No prices are known yet, but even the weakest UX with combustion engine starts at a good 34,000 €, the hybrid version at 2000 € more. Usually Lexus is quite expensive. open end of the price scale. So you can calculate what this version with 54.3 kWh battery costs. It's amazing how Lexus is able to offer this car in the tougher competition of pure electric vehicles. It is also astonishing that it is introduced in Japan rather late in 2021.

Certainly the smallest crossover from Lexus looks good and is praised for its excellent workmanship, but its electrical values are disappointing. What you have never experienced before is that the torque of the electric motor is published, but not the power. Nevertheless, we have been able to find them out from a reasonably reliable source (see above).

If we assume the battery capacity of 54.3 kWh as gross value, then the statement of 400 km range is impudent, even if 'NEDC' is written behind it, which is otherworldly anyway. The charging speed of 50 kW (DC) is already quite slow, but the 6.6 kW (AC) points to only one phase, which then really needs a suitable wallbox to be realized in the given time of more than seven hours.

It is to be praised that this car has front-wheel drive, which combines all the special components of an e-drive in the front and thus, despite the limited space allegedly available to the UX, leaves a decent luggage space in the rear. However, the information of the capacity is missing when the rear seat back is folded down. 02/20>br>

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