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  Lexus LC 500h

No, from the data, which could emphasize the 'h' for 'hybrid', we learn from the manufacturer hardly anything. It's not a plug-in hybrid and its battery weighs 'only' 50 kg. Toyota offers in hybrid cars without plugin-option metal hydrid batteries, not so in this Lexus LC 500h.

The solution: This vehicle is fully trimmed for performance and has nothing in common with the Toyota models. The data specified by the manufacturer publish directly after the basic dimensions those of the tires, as if that would be most important in a hybrid car.

There are rim diameters listed up to 21 inches and one emphasizes directly that the rims are forged and equipped with run-flat tires wheels. This saves a spare wheel. So the car is optimized by short overhangs and a flat fuel tank.

Thus, the suspension was here particularly in the foreground. If you compare this model with the LC 500 (without h) the engine has lost the two front cylinders and thus become more a central engine. The battery is placed above the final drive. The rear axle is guided by several arms, the front even by devided double wishbones, originated by Audi.

And although the system performance with 264 kW (359 HP) does not nearly reached that of the LC 500, the car accelerates still in about 5 seconds to 100 km/h by the additional torque of the electric motor. 02/16

Weight savings through ...
Aluminum bonnet
Doors from Carbon and aluminum
Boot lid made of carbon and aluminum
Aluminum front axle carrier

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