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Lexus LC 500

The 2+2 coupés with rear-wheel drive appears to be on the rise, however, more with turbo charger than naturally aspirated. Not so does Toyota with its Lexus brand. One could almost speak of a high-revving concept for the present time, although a maximum torque at 4800 rpm and a rated speed of 7100 rpm are not really that much.

The car is based on the concept of the LF-LC from 2012, presented in Detroit, too. That would be a Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa- competitor, to mention only three Italian manufacturers of luxury cars. The LC 500 either stands against a V8 turbo, superior to it, or V6 turbos, likely to be more favorable.

As often last time, the Toyota design is brushed against the grain. It offers many surprises. The devil ('Diabolo' design) also has his hand in the pie. Once again the lighting units are special, up front cleverly connected to the side air intakes, rear with similar style, but without function. Very brave, the large mesh front.

Whether the Lexus will perhaps be superior to the Italians in the workmanship? The view of the interior gives hope. Remarkable few keys exept the steering wheel, very uncluttered center console. Here, the devil has retained pleasantly. 01/16