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F7 F9

1970 Range Rover

*two doors/**four doors

To the four gears is also added a low range gearing. Thus the good off-road capabilities of a Land Rover will retained in this model. It is not missing the lock in the middle. And all this despite a more comfortable equipment and a generous offer of engines. The V8 is however reduced in favor of better pulling power.

'Performance and luxury in the final consequence'

The permanence of the all-wheel drive is unusual at the time. Despite a certain belonging to the luxury car class, this initial version does not without its rigid axles, of course, however now with coil springs, leading arms and levelled height. Amazingly sparse are the interior and especially the dashboard. The manufacturer claims to have the enormous consumption a little more under control, thanks to higher compression. Strange car, in which the warning lights flashes already at 14 liters residual content.

It was probably not planned that it would get more and more extras to enhance convenience, whereby the power steering still should be the most useful.

There seems to be a success with which the manufacturer itself has not reckoned. In the morning into the terrain and in the evening to the opera. And if there is no suitable site for the capabilities of the Range Rover, also not bad. The result is the class of Sport Utility Vehicles which, however, does not necessarily come close to the abilities of the founder of this type. 06/16

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