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Lancia Dilambda

Lancia Dilambda
EngineVR eight-cylinder (24°')
Displacement3960 cm³
Bore * stroke79,4 * 100 mm
Compression5,35 : 1
Engine controlSOHC, vertical shaft
IgnitionHigh-tension magnet
Torque178 Nm
Max. power74 kW (100 HP)
Rated speed4000 rpm
PowertrainFront engine with rear drive
TransmissionFour speed
Wheelbase3290 / 3475 mm
Front suspensionTelescop-spring-strut axle, hydraulically demped
Rear suspensionRigid axle
Suspension frontCoil springs
Springs rearLeaf springs
Brakes f/rDrums
Wheels16 x 50
BodyFrame and body
Top speedApprox. 120 km/h
Basic weight2100 kg + driver
IntroductionParis 1929
Manufactured1929 - 1937

This is a clear constructive step backward compared with the Lancia Lambda . However, this car also is clearly larger and heavier. Probably the required stability could not be achieved, because one returns back to the frame under construction. The cardan shaft is still located so deep that the frame must be bored , eg at the in the middle reinforcing cross.
Besides the engine type, there is little to compare. Eight cylinders working here instead of four, but the drive again is bedded in rubber mountings. There is a central lubrication with pedal and a thermostat that regulates the flow of the cooler. Take a look at the interior, this is a completely different car.               Top of page               Index
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