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Lada 4x4

Lada 4x4
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement, bore * stroke1690 cm³ (82,0 mm * 80,0 mm)
Engine controlOHC
Mixture preparationMultipoint
Torque129 Nm at 4000 rpm
Performance61 kW (83 HP) at 5600 rpm
CO2-emission225 g/km
Drive trainFront engine, longitudinal, permanent all-wheel drive
TransmissionManual five-speed, 2 stages transfer gearbox, locks
Wheelbase2.200 mm
Turning circle11.000 mm
Suspension frontDouble wishbones
Suspension rearRigid axle
SteeringServo, hydraulically
BrakesDiscs/drums, ABS, brake assistant
Wheels175/80 R 16 (5") or
185/75 R 16 (5,5")
Length3.720 mm
Width1.680 mm
Height1.640 mm
Tank capacity42 litres
Boot capacity263/982 litres
Payload400 kg
Trailer load braked1900 kg incl. driver
Kerb weight1210 kg incl. driver
Top speed137 km/h
Purchase priceFrom 11.250 euro
Year of manufactureFrom 2013

This has something: buy a car that costs only a fifth of a Porsche Cayenne, and the then drive away in the terrain. Some of those who really need a four-wheel drive will perhaps think about it. You can describe the technique of the Lada 4x4, formerly baptized Niva, as old and outdated, or estimate it as proven.

For 35 years, nearly unchanged ...

So entirely it's not true, of course. The pictures below should show this, the present a newly designed cockpit and other accessories. In addition, the rear has been changed and the engine got an injection system with Lambda control because of emissions laws.

Of course, the engine falls back in his willingness to performance against newer Lada products. Less torque at higher rpm with also higher displacement is not at all actually. Therefore, the installation of a newer Lada engine would already help to reduce the performance and consumption, for since the much more powerful Cayenne even beats it. 10/13               Top of page               Index
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