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2017 Kia Stonic

The opposite design to the sister model Hyundai Kona yet clearly reserved design is a good reference to the technique of the Stonic, because that is cautious, too. By the way, it is based on the Rio and the Stonic is only 6.5 cm higher than this one. One could almost speak of a 'higher' suspension.

Instead of two at the Rio, there is only one Diesel engine, probably a reaction to the current Diesel crisis. Instead, the 1.0-liter turbo direct injection system also features at least one modern petrol engine. The other two already represent almost yesterday's technique. You can be curious about the price of the turbo.

Kia needs such a crossover-naming model in the B-segment. It is already 10 percent market share of this vehicle class alone in Europe. At the same time you have to differentiate from Hyundai. Unusual in this case the role reversal, Kia this time with the much more reserved design.

The two-colors within 20 versions well managed a kind of Targa bracket in the car color with spoiler behind it again in the roof color. Also the railing is somewhat more exciting shaped. Inside it goes then with selectable optics further. Apple car play and Android auto are on board, smartphone connection as standard. One could speak of one of the most sensible in its segment. If then also the prices correspond to it. , , . 09/17

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