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2020 Kia Sorento

So far it was rather famous for its value for money, mostly in full equipment still much cheaper than e.g. such large vehicles of German origin in the base version. However, the facelift 2018 (pictures below) turned out quite modest. Very little changed at the front and in the interior actually only the steering wheel. So it is not surprising that already 2020 the fourth generation follows, after all since 2002 3 million cars sold.

That it would remain as relatively inconspicuous as before in view of these figures was certainly not to be expected. On the contrary, it even seems to have grown, although actually only in the wheelbase and more weighty, although here only by design elements such as a larger, more magnificent tiger nose, the separation of the daytime running lights with integrated turn signal from the headlights and a different substructure including silver floor cover in front.

There is no longer any talk of tailpipes at the back. The combination rear lamps emphasize the vertical and thus give even more dominance. The windscreen wiper disappears completely under the large roof spoiler when not in use. Under the naturally electrically operated tailgate, slightly taller people can stand. Electrically also the folding of the seats. Some of them can even be moved individually. A maximum volume of 2100 litres is available. Of course the large Kia is also available as a seven-seater.

The rim size ranges up to 20 inches, always in light alloy design. The chrome plating is even more reserved for a vehicle for this group of buyers. There seems to be no longer a pure gasoline engine, instead hybrid and plug-in hybrid drive. The Diesel engine is turning into something like a helper in minimising CO2-fines. The performance for such a large car with 169 kW (230 hp) or 195 kW (265 hp, plug-in) as a system is not exaggerated.

The 2.2L Diesel delivers 149 kW (202 hp). It seems interesting despite the electrics of the other two, also because it uses a dual clutch transmission and eight gears instead of a 6-speed automatic. After all, all drives are optionally available with four-wheel drive. The steering wheel from 2018 has been joined by a respectable interior quality. Besides the nappa leather down below, the huge undivided glass sunroof catches the eye, which hardly any buyer will be able to resist.

The touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard is at 10.25 inches not even particularly large. Hopefully the telematics will not only show the location, price and occupancy but also the size of the parking lot. After all, should the parking space be too small to get out, the vehicle might be able to enter it on its own. However, one should pay attention that the neighboring vehicles remain accessible at least through the driver's door.

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