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Welche(r) Übersetzer/in hilft uns, unsere englischen bzw. spanischen Texte zu verbessern?

2017 Kia Picanto

Before you read further, you should look at the refreshing videos 2, 3 and 4 below, which are intended as advertising for the (South) Korean market. You don't need the language to capture the spirit and get information about special extras on this car.

The Picanto is called 'Morning' in Korea and is probably so popular that the manufacturer did not dare to change it seriously. Probably legal regulations also play a role, because it has not become a millimeter longer or wider.

It is quite surprising that the body was renewed, 15 mm more wheelbase and a more vertically arranged tailgate result not only in more interior but much more luggage space (255/1010 liters). Above all, the larger tires (on the GT 195/45 R 16) ensure that the car is nevertheless perceived as larger.

The share of high-strength steels has been doubled and overall inside it is now to be quieter. There is a new 100-horsepower engine with direct injection starting in the autumn, but only in the GT version, whose design probably also can be ordered together with the smaller engines. However, they have still the same performance and intake manifold injection, however, reduced with CO2 emissions of 87 g/km more economical. 03/17