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2017 Jeep Compass

Below is the predecessor with the same name depicted in the 2nd generation from 2011 to 2016. The first generation had already disappeared from the German market its last two years. The new is neither a facelift nor in principle a further generation of the old one, it is rebuilt on the platform of the Renegade or Fiat 500 X.

The Compass is 7 cm wider, slightly lower and nearly 10 cm longer than the Renegade, with 6.6 cm more wheelbase. The engines are the same except for the missing smallest Renegade one. Altogether it seems about half a number larger. Thus the starting price will be above the 20,000 euros of the Renegade (data above).

The Compass is styled reserved more in the exterior than outside. This includes a solid quality and e.g. an already praised 8.4-inch touchscreen as a top offer next to 5 and 7 inches. As with the Renegade, there are the variants 'Sports', 'Longitude' and the luxury 'Limited' as well as 'Trailhawk', which is designed especially for more difficult terrain drive.

The Trailhawk has the usual Jeep Selec Terrain System with up to five modes (Car, Snow, Sand and Mud, plus Rock). Torque can be distributed 100% not only between the axles, but also the wheels. In addition, a 20 : 1 creep speed reduction is possible. The manufacturer describes these skills as 'the best in class'.

What about the differentiation within the model series? Since fits the Renegade clearly to the Wrangler and the Compass to the Grand Cherokee. Below the sheet metall, however, the Wrangler is the last representative of the classic Jeep version. All others are infected by the modern age, from the front wheel drive outgoing 4WD, as it also occurs in the Fiat 500X for example.

All are brought together again via the optionally available Trailhawk version, which also offers the modern form enough modes and thus adaptation to slightly more extreme terrain conditions. Conversely, there is both a gasoline and a diesel model only with front-wheel drive.

Jeep, in the US is not just a car brand. It is tacitly agreed that the designers proceed with caution when making changes and that the testers also celebrate little things, such as a chrome line spanning a large area of the side windows as something very special. Amazing that the Jeep with front-wheel drive could be enforced.

However, it fits well with a certain change of image. 'Allround' is no longer interpreted as 'Allterrain', but also as a combination of 'luxury' and 'fun/activity'. Added to this are the good driving characteristics that have since been taken for granted, coupled with enough power and interior volume. Grand Cherokee and Compass are marketed as SUVs, the Compass as the smaller in the C segment.

The statements explain a bit why the Jeep Compass will be sold again in America one hundred times as often as in Europe. In terms of pricing, with comparable basic equipment to the market leader Tiguan, they keep a distance of € 2,000 to € 3,000, which, however, decreases significantly in the more expensive models. Of course, that will not be enough for much more popularity, especially as the equipment packages partly contain strange links. But does that bother potential Jeep owners? 12/17

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