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Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee 2013
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1.956 cm³ (diesel)
Torque350 Nm at 1750 rpm
Performance103 kW (140 HP) at 4500 rpm
CO2 emission139 g/km
Drive trainFront engine, transversally, optional all-wheel drive
TransmissionSix-speed, manual
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionMultilink
BremsenDiscs, front ventilated
Wheels225/60 R 17
Wheelbase2.700 mm
Turning circle12.100 mm
Length4.624 mm
Width1.859 mm
Height1.670 mm
Tank capacity60 litres
Load volume412/1.267 litres
Payload502 kg
Kerb weight1.789 kg incl. driver
Top speed185 km/h
Purchase priceFrom 34,800 euros
Year of manufactureFrom 2013

The Cherokee has a long history. In the year 1974 it was the first under the American Motor Corporation appearing Jeep, newly designed in response to the success of the Chevrolet Blazer. Now the term redesign is always to see relative at a Jeep. So also the Cherokee was rather the further development of the Wagoneer. After all, it was very successful. There was even a waiting list for potential customers. The success even survived the first oil-price crisis in 1974-75.

The second oil crisis brings it into serious trouble and so it comes to a real new design without frame with self-supporting construction. It is a rather European style with a little less volume. It is 53 cm shorter, 15 cm smaller and 10 cm lower. But particularly important is its weight, reduced by about 450 kg. Back to a forced simplicity it now returns with four-cylinder engine, although a V6 is possible.

You see, today's fourth generation of the Cherokee is not so far away from this ancestor. Of course, the current model is a little rounder despite van-like body type. One has even dared the legendary radiator grille with seven fins kinking up above. The Cherokee remains inside American, so does not come beyond a fairly limited passenger compartment and relatively soft seats. After all, its roof does not slope rear as strong as in some newfangled counterparts.

American, that can not be said of the Fiat two litres car. One understands the diesel technology, delivers supreme pulling power in restrained soundscape. Also the chassis and the steering know quite well to meet European standards in the Cherokee. After all, one would not expect from such a recognized manufacturer of all-wheel vehicles that he offers versions with front-wheel drive. At the end only remains the intense price comparison. 09/14               Top of page               Index
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