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2020 Iveco S-Way

If you don't know what to do with Iveco, you might remember the EuroStar from 1993. Alternatively, it was available with even a V12. However, those times are long gone. Manual switching is also no longer possible. You select the drive, with the S-Way you even have the option of choosing this with CNG for a range of up to 1,600 km.

In the case of the towing vehicle, for example, the main focus seems to be on the interior design of the cabin, because the driver often has a say today. How big is the and how much storage space does it offer? Compared to its predecessor, the Stralis, the floor is now lower towards the engine and the roof is higher for an interior height of at least 2.15 m.

The beds have been widened where possible. The front passenger seat can even be rotated as an option. A small table folds out of the lid for the glove compartment. The display behind the steering wheel is partially digitized, the electronics are even better networked overall, right down to controlling individual functions from the outside via smartphone.

The logical addition is that nothing has changed on the engine or the entire drive train, apart from adaptation to the latest emissions regulations. Inside, the special model even has marked out seams like in sports cars. The large screen offers more information than is usual with a car, e.g. detailed information about upcoming rest times.

Navigation from Tomtom

It is controlled to a large extent via the steering wheel, which, by the way, is identical in construction to that in other commercial vehicle series. There is also a thicker mattress. Two cooling devices are possible underneath, with the control panel above it in the middle. The special series then also contains the television, which you can see well from the rotated passenger seat.

Significantly, this special series bears the name of the old German brand 'Magirus', which is maintained in the form of the fire protection department at Iveco. The Klöckner Humbold-Deutz AG, together with Fiat, is the nucleus for the development of Industrial Vehicles Corporation with more mergers later.

According to Wikipedia, Iveco is the second largest manufacturer of trucks in Europe (market share approx. 20%) and the largest manufacturer of diesel engines worldwide.

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