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Iso Rivolta 300 GT

If you look at our websites with some regularity, then you probably know one of the first products of this company, the Iso Isetta. The picture below display it in the original version, presented in Geneva 1954. This is exactly where it was noticed by the BMW governors and as a result of negotiations, BMW took over the license for construction and even the manufacturing plants. Actually, the Isetta has never fitted to the image of BMW, but according to surveys, it was never really linked with the brand BMW, as well as its successor, the BMW 600.

The company ISO was a post-war foundation in Bresso, north of Milan. The company's founder Renzo Rivolta is there still dedicated a park. The label V8 plus manual transmission of the Rivolta correctly pointed on a drive of the Corvette. The was designed by more elaborate cooling for European standards, combined it with a frame of solid support elements, an attractive body by Bertone and a dashboard, provided opulent with instruments and switches. As GT respectively 2 + 2 coupé, it offered much more space than the Corvette.

The overview to the outside was praised, not the top view of the heating. Shortly before the start of series production was still talk of two possible, specified above engine equipments, but by intervening in the engine control was in sight a compromise between the two. Seen technically while driving, the testers had little to criticize. The chassis together with the frame came from the former Ferrari designer Giotto Bizarrini. However, the original aimed selling price was significantly exceeded.

By his early death in 1966, the company boss has just experienced the immediate successor to the Rivolta, the Iso Grifo (pictures above) with similar basic design and more attractive body. Then there were various models under his son until the sale of the company in 1974 and immediate insolvency and a not particularly successful F1 involvement.

But we do not want to release from this site without to present the final automobile project of the company, the Iso Rivolta Varedo. It had virtually the same wheelbase as that of the original Rivolta but with 4.12 m considerably shorter, had a Ford V8 engine with similiar performance, however installed in a tubular frame as a mid-engine. The body was exciting and made of GRP, but unfortunately this car not succeeded to come further than to the status of a prototype. 04/15

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