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de Tomaso

  Innocenti 120 L

Displacement986/1275 cm³
CrankshaftMounted 3-fold
Compression ratio9,0/8,75 : 1
Engine controlOHV
Torque67,5/99 Nm at 3500/2500 rpm
Performance32 kW (44 HP)/51 kW (70 HP) at 5500 rpm
Front suspensionDouble wishbone, subframe
Rear suspensionTrailing arms, subframe
Spring systemRubber
Wheelbase2.040 mm
Brakes frontDiscs
Brakes rearDrums
Wheels155/70 R 12
Length3.120 mm
Width1.500 mm
Height1.375 mm
Luggage compartment200/900 litres
Turning circleApprox. 8,5 m
Kerb weight770 kg (excl. driver)
Purchase price8.990 Euro
Top speedca. 134/154 km/h

You may have heard of this company, you can not assign in the moment? You can be helped. The vehicle in the picture below you might be more likely to know. It is the famous Lambretta Scooter of Germany's postwar history, the first successful object of the company Innocenti.

The success with the scooter inspired the company to build vehicles with four wheels. This included to make a contract with Leyland and built in license their Mini with slight changes. At that time the Mini is the technically most advanced small cars. This goes on until Luigi Innocenti sold the entire company to Leyland in 1972.

In 1974 the new owner surprised the visitors of the Turin motor show with this pretty bodywork, drawn by Bertone. Actually, the Mini is undercarriage of the whole car. But the luggage compartment filled to one-third with the tank could not remain so, because the new one has a tailgate. It is also slightly wider with corresponding changes to the track width front and rear.

Technical changes characterize the Innocenti versions of the Mini. The wheels are larger. Mostly the performance is a little higher. After some time the radiator changed from the left side to the front. The instrument panel is different from that of the Mini at least as well as the outer shape. Below you can see the Daihatsu-based Innocenti from 1982. But by then the company already belonged to Alejandro de Tomaso. It was merged with Maserati and ended ad Fiat. 01/16