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  Infiniti - History

The brand will be introduced mainly for U.S. customers in 1989. The name is unfamiliar to European ears but favorable for a premium brand, the endless possibilities (infinity) upward. These premium products to be clearly distinguishable from those of the parent brand Nissan. Other companies, not yet represented in the upper price segment to date, also develop at the time models, their image should be to help selling many models. The best example is the duality between the Passat and the Phaeton at VW.

The best known is probably the premium branch from Toyota, which with the 'Lexus' probably comes very close to luxury. Honda is preceded with the 'Acura' 1986. In Europe Infiniti products with headquarters in Switzerland are first offered since 2008. Reasons for this increased involvement of Japanese companies in addition to the prospect of higher returns, certain export restrictions requested on the ordinary vehicles by U.S.

A first model for example is the Q45 with V8 engine on the basis of the Nissan President. After all, these models will spared too much similarity to existing models, as at Mercedes is unmistakable eg in respect of Lexus. Perhaps the first somewhat soulless appearance is due to the American market, receptive for this.

Nissan unmistakably similar the M30, on the side of the Q45 as a coupe and convertible. It is 'only' available with the three-liter V6 known from different Nissan models. The lack of other options is not conducive its distribution in the upmarket class of vehicle. The first models are still often derivatives of known Nissan models like the M30 from Leopard, it has its largest engine and almost the exact wheel base.

1991 follows the G20, a derivative of the Nissan Primera, of course again at a competitive price with a lot of luxury even in the standard equipment, the recipe of Infiniti until today. As the number after the letter indicates, one now also wants compete in the middle class, although the commitment in America does not yet seem to be worthwile compared eg to Lexus and Acura. Obviously, the large models are not spectacular enough and the first versions of the G20 can not really score.

What this changes then actually since about the turn of the millennium? Perhaps recognize early the trends to smaller SUV? Or by taking over of Renault, which also includes Infiniti? A certain separation from the bad image of Nissan seems to have helped also. Infiniti vehicles be regarded as more sporty and more competent within the range all-wheel. In addition, the repeated good performance in U.S. comparative tests.

To Europe Infiniti only comes stepwise in 2008. The FX from 2008 aims at the SUV from BMW and Mercedes, the Touareg derivatives of the VW Group and Range Rover as well as Lexus. Then, attention is directed with the renovated G-model also on the corresponding sedans. As preliminary last model with the EX37 the smaller brother of the FX is brought on the European market. By the way, the number represents the displacement of the V6. It will take until 2012 before one is present everywhere in Germany to some degree.

From model year 2014, the confusion with the letters in the type designations will be terminated. New models receive a 'Q' for sedans and convertibles and a 'QX' for crossovers or SUVs. The number behind indicates then still the displacement. The G37 is the first model renamed in such a way, the becomes to the Q50 but also undergoes some changes, such as a new type of steering. Similarly spectacular the paintwork of the mini SUV EX will marketed, the to be 'self-healing' towards minor damages allegedly. 10/13

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